Footloose End of Semester Showcases

At FootLoose Dance Studio, we believe in the power of performance.  The lessons learned in the classroom while preparing for a performance are an invaluable part of becoming a dancer.  That's why at FootLoose we have two showcases per season, one at the end of each semester to demonstrate the student's progression in technique, artistry and confidence.

2021 Season Showcase Dates:

Winter Showcase
 Spring Showcase
Dress Rehearsal: Sunday June 6, 2021 @ FootLoose Dance Studio
Show Day (Tentative): Thursday June 10th, 2021 @ Koza Music Town Theater
                                    Saturaday June 12th, 2021 @ Koza Music Town Theater
                                    Sunday June 13th, 2021 @ Koza Music Town Theater

While we highly encourage participation from all our students, but participation is not required. 

Showcase Fees:

In addition to class tuition, the following fees are required to participate in each showcase:

Due Date
Participation Fee
$38.50 (non-refundable)
With November & April Tuition
 2020-2021 Season T-Shirt
With October or March Tuition
Costume(s) Fee:
With September & February Tuition

Costume Fees:

Both Male & Female Students
All Ages 2.5-4 & 5-7 Classes
Child Size Costumes-All Beginning & Intermediate Level Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Pointe, Jazz Funk Broadway & Tap  ***One Costume per Level and Genre***
Adult Size Costumes-All Beginning & Intermediate Level Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Broadway & Tap ***One Costume per  Level and Genre***
All Hip Hop Classes

Extra Rehearsals

The two weeks leading up to Showcases are reserved for "Extra Rehearsal Schedule."  A schedule will be released in your Showcase Information Packet that lists which classes will be rehearsing at which time during these two weeks.  Every class will be rehearsing during their normal class times, but other classes will be scheduled to rehearse with them.  Every class will have the opportunity to attend extra classes during those two weeks to help prepare for the show.  These extra rehearsals are not mandatory.