Footloose Dance Studio Performance Team

*Audition Required 

Our next audition is scheduled for August 24 & 25, 2019. It is required if auditioning for the student to be registered on the the Performance Team Tuition ($230) for August 2019.

Before agreeing to audition for the FootLoose Dance Studio Performance Team, it is required to read and review the following items:

Performance Team Contract

Important dates/schedule

Rehearsal Requirements

Rehearsals are currently slotted for Saturday afternoons.  

*Which team will rehearsal at what time on Saturday will be decided after auditions based on results.  

Contract Requirements

Accepted Performance Team Members must fulfill the terms of team contract from August 2019-June 13, 2020.

Session Requirements

Accepted Performance Team Members be enrolled in the Fall and Spring semesters as well as the Summer Session.

*Class Requirements for Performance Dance Team Members


Once on the Performance Team, it is required to take each of the following styles at least once a week:

-Technique & Flexibility
-2 Hip Hop or 1 Tap or Broadway Fundamentals
*It is encouraged to take more

*Performances/Publicity 舞台、宣伝*

FootLoose Dance Studio will give performance priority to the Performance Dance Team for any event FootLoose Dance Studio is participating in (festivals, competitions, etc.).


Students on the Performance Dance Team will be used for promotional materials for the studio (flyers, pictures, video footage, etc.) 


"Just Sky"

Footloose Ensemble (ages 9-12) performs their Contemporary dance "Just Sky" at Dynasty Dance Contest.

Posted by FootLooseOkinawa on Sunday, April 12, 2015