International Carnival 2018

FootLoose Stars-2nd Place


9th Ryukyu International Competition

Kelly Rose Walker- 3rd Child Creative Division 
Presley Nixon- 2nd Child Creative Division

Mia Neal- 3rd Teen Creative Divison
Miuta Price- 1st Teen Creative Divison

Expression Award- Miuta Price

FootLoose Supremes- 2nd in Group Creative Divison
FootLoose Elite- 1st in Group Creative Divison

Style B "Tique" 2018

FootLoose Elite- Gold
FootLoose Supremes- Bronze
FootLoose Charms- Silver 


Homeland Grand Prix 2018

FootLoose Stars-Special Prize


Flight of Steps 2018

FootLoose Elite-5th Place


8th Ryukyu International Competition

Junior Creative Division: 
Presley Nixon-2nd place 

Senior Creative Division: 
Miuta Price-2nd place 
Riley Ready-4th place 

Senior Creative Divison Judges Award:
Team Elite 

International Carnival 2017

2nd Place


7th Ryukyu International Ballet Competition

Junior Solo Creative Dance Division:

1st Place-Jayden Clark

3rd Place-Abigail Canevari

Ryukyu Presidential Award-Jayden Clark


International Carnival 2016

3rd Place


Dance Monsters 2016

Star Company, "Special Prize" Award


Dance Max Japan 2016

Team Platinum, Semi-Finalists


6th Ryukyu international Ballet Competition

1st Place-Group Creative Dance Division

2nd Place-Solo Creative Dance Division

3rd Place-Solo Creative Dance Division

International Carnival 2015

Team Gems, Gold and Platinum-3rd Place

RISMS-1 Dance Competition, 2015

Footloose Diamonds-"Special Prize" Award

MT Battle, April 2014

High Heels member, Nyah-2nd place

Style "B"Tique, 2013

High Heels-"Judge's Favorite" Award

Noguni Soukan Festival Dance Contest, 2013

High Heels-3rd place

U Got Talent Competition, 2013

Footloose Performance Team-2nd place in the 9-11 year old division