Fall 2017 Semester starts  Aug. 4

45 mins/week-$55/month
120 mins/week-$110/month
240+ mins/week-$200/month
60 mins/week-$60/month
150 mins/week-$130/month 
Performance Team-$220/month
75 mins/week-$65/month 
180 mins/week-$150/month 
Membership Fee-$50 *One time payment only 
90 mins/week-$100/month 
225 mins/week-$175/month 
Trial Class-$10 *2 trials/person 

*Yen also accepted.

Membership/Registration Fee  入会費:

*one time payment of ¥5000 or $50 only due before the first class.  This fee never expires. 
*¥5000, 入会時一度きり、期限が切れることはありません

Family Discount

As of January, 2016 family members within the same household are eligible for a 3% or 5% sibling discount.  No discount is applied to the first student. A 3% discount is applied to the second student, and a 5% is applied to any student thereafter. The sibling discount it applied to the student with the lowest tuition total. The sibling discount does not apply to Winter or Summer camps, Workshops, Performance Team, or in the Unlimited Fee category.

Student 1- No discount applied (Will be determined by highest tuition in family)

Student 2- 3% discount  (Will be determined by second highest in family)

Student 3 or more-5% (Will be determined by third highest in family)

*Monthly Enrollment Class fees are due by the 7th of each month and cover one month (4 weeks) of classes.  


Semester Showcase Fees

If participating in FootLoose's end of the semester showcase, costume and participation fees will apply.  These fees vary depending on which classes the students is enrolled in.  For more details about the showcase fees, please visit our Recitals Page.